Kirk Rexroat forging in the sunset

Welcome to Rexroat Knives where the ancient art of blacksmithing and modern technology melds to create not only a thing of beauty but a superior blade as well. Rexroat Knives are built with you in mind, if you have an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, desire to experience a knife with good balance and a comfortable handle, and demand that your folders have ultra smooth action. Examine each folder and fixed blade and see if you don’t agree with Rochelle Canfield of Guns magazine.

β€œIn the world of custom knives there are few who produce knives of such clean lines and simple, but beautiful design as Kirk Rexroat. From small, gentleman’s folders to large bowies, Rexroat knives beg to be picked up, handled and, most of all, used. His work is gorgeous. The quality and craftsmanship stands out as a work of art. But they are still knives – sturdy, practical tools – meant to be used.”
-Rochelle Canfield Guns magazine.

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IMG_3365A fixed blade “Feather” I just finished with Twist Damascus seen all the way around

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