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Predator & Prey Series

Thursday, January 9th, 2014
Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

Alligator attacking Cape Buffalo

Alligator attacking Cape Buffalo

This is the Folder that is next in the Series of Predator and Prey, The African set.  The previous one was the Arctic with Polar Bear and Walrus.  Same Knife style, the Large Hunter. Different Damascus, engraving, darker mammoth ivory, and different filework throughout.  The Scrimshaw is by Lori Ristinen and everything else by myself.  Thanks for looking and please leave comments.

Predator/Pray series

Monday, August 27th, 2012
Polar Bear on Folder

Polar Bear on Folder

Polar Bear taking down Walrus on Folder

Polar Bear taking down Walrus on Folder

This is the Folder in the Predator and Prey series that I did for a customer.  The fixed blade is also included in the blog.  They both have the same basic shape although the folder blade had to be shortened to fit in the handle.  The damascus is the same as is the handle shape.  The bolsters are 416 ss and I did the engraving. The handle material is interior mammoth ivory and was scrimed by Lori Ristinen.  The fixed blade has a Wolf on one side and 5 Wolves attaching a large Moose on the other.  They are off getting professionally photoed now so will have a better picture later.   Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.

Kirk Rexroat / Lori Ristinen colaboration

Monday, June 18th, 2012

IMG_8798IMG_8795This fixed blade is part of a set that I am working on.  There is a folder that has the same handle and blade shape along with the same engraving.  I made the damascus and the knife.  Then I engraved the bolsters.  Lori Ristinen did the scrimshaw work.  The other side isn’t done yet but it will have a pack of wolves attaching a large Moose.  Check back, I should have the other handle scale soon.

Engraved English Folding Dagger

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Closeup of engraving
A closeup of the engraving.  When you get this close you can really see the details and mistakes.  At one point I resharpened my graver and didn’t try it before I went back to work on the bolster.  Learned that was a mistake.Completed English Folding Dagger. This is a folder I just finished for a customer. I have been trying different engraving patterns to see what people like and don’t.  Not the traditional scroll, something a little different for an english style folding dagger. It’s something you might see on an old flintlock rifle.  The pattern in the blade just seemed to lend it self to something pointy, not rounded like a scroll.  Please leave a comment on likes and dislikes  Thanks

Pair of Boot knives

Sunday, November 28th, 2010
Large California Folder

Large California Folder

Large California Folder
Large California Folder

This project was done for a collector in Texas.

Two folders exactly the same except for the engraving.  I engraved the Fleur-de- Lis on the top folder and David Drake did the fine English scroll on the lower knife.  They have a blade of 52100 bearing steel, 3 1/2″ long, 8 1/2 overall open, bolster, Water Buffalo handles with gold screws, and gold anodized titanium liner that are fully filework in a vine pattern.  The thumb stud is also inlayed with Buffalo horn.
The collector does a lot of bird hunting in the hills of texas and wanted something for protection and backup use.  He had a pair of boots made with a sheath sewn into the top for easy access.

First Engraved Knife

Monday, August 16th, 2010
First Engraved Large Nomad

First Engraved Large Nomad

This is the Large Nomad with the pattern engraved onto the blade.  The backround has been removed on the front of the bolster but the rear has not. It is a long and pain staking process to relieve the backround but the end result is well worth it.

Engraving complete

Engraving completeThis is a closeup of the completed bolster. The engraving must style must fit the knife design. The Nomad was a perfect fit for the Thistle leaves. Nomad Total Package

The completed knife.  My first engraving project
Large Nomad fixed blade
Blade: 52100
Bolsters: 416 stainless 
Engraved by Kirk Rexroat
Handle: Desert Ironwood Burl
Tapered tang and Dovetailed bolster