Building Forge Part Two

Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 9:35 pm under Forge construction.

Back wall with Window
Here is the forge with the back welded in.  The hole is to pass long pieces through when forging.  There will be a cover over it to keep the heat in when not in use.  The pipe nipple on the bottom will have a cap that can be removed to drain the liquid flux out when it builds up.  The large hole in the side will be for the burner.
Forge with Insert
This photo shows the quick tube that will form the center of the forge.  It is made of cardboard so will be easy to remove.  It is 10 inch in diameter.

Forge with tube installed

Forge with tube installed. The back wall is already poured with the refractory 2" thick. The Quick tube is cut to length and supports are welded in to keep it centered in the forge

Tube and Mocked up burner

Tube and Mocked up burner. The piece on the right is a mocked up piece the same size as the burner. It is trimmed to fit the radius of the tube so the refractory won't run out. When the refractory is dry this piece will be removed and leave a hole just right for the ribbon burner

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