Engraved English Folding Dagger

Posted on Thursday, September 1st, 2011 at 8:00 pm under Engraving.


Closeup of engraving
A closeup of the engraving.  When you get this close you can really see the details and mistakes.  At one point I resharpened my graver and didn’t try it before I went back to work on the bolster.  Learned that was a mistake.Completed English Folding Dagger. This is a folder I just finished for a customer. I have been trying different engraving patterns to see what people like and don’t.  Not the traditional scroll, something a little different for an english style folding dagger. It’s something you might see on an old flintlock rifle.  The pattern in the blade just seemed to lend it self to something pointy, not rounded like a scroll.  Please leave a comment on likes and dislikes  Thanks

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