Al Mar Mammoth tooth Classic Eagle

Posted on Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 at 2:48 pm under Al Mar Custom knives.

DSCN7774 Here are Five Eagle Classics with beautiful Mammoth Tooth scales that were commissionedby Al Mar Knives. Through my design work for the company it was decided that I should do a few custom handles. These will be done in a very limited number.  The mammoth tooth is all natural colors, they where not dyed to achieve the different shades of brown with white bands. Mammoth tooths is kind of tricky to work with as it is thin and prone to crack and break.  I glue the scales to a .015 thick piece of black fiber material.  This stabilizes it and helps it hold to the handle when glued up also.  It is ground very thin once it is glued to the knife, then sanded down to 800 grit and polished.  It takes on such a shine you can look right into it.  If you have any questions or comments about mammoth tooth and it’s properties just let me know.  These knives will be for sale by Al Mar Knives and are headed for the S.H.O.T. show.  Thanks for looking                      Kirk

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  1. Denny Fallon says:

    Hi Kirk,,,,These Al Mar Eagle knives with the Mamoth Tooth scales are real beauties. Where can I buy them?


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